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Pentecostal Tabernacle

Church Of God In Christ

Dr. Jeremiah Holiday, Pastor

Pastor Jeremiah Holiday

DR. JEREMIAH HOLIDAY, a native of Sidon, Mississippi, is a family man, a leader, a preacher, pastor, and an educator that is committed to adhering to the will of his Heavenly Father. Allowing God to use him in a mighty way for such a time as this has been the goal of this born leader. In 1984 while attending a revival conducted by the late Superintendent G. L. Coprue , Jeremiah was saved and sanctified. As a 7 grade student in Junior High, Jeremiah was determined to receive the precious gift of the Holy Ghost. He sought God out of a pure heart and while attending another revival later that year, God baptized Jeremiah with the Holy Ghost. Jeremiah became a member of the Macedonia COGIC under the leadership of the late Elder J.L. Martin.

On December 15, 1989, Jeremiah accepted his calling into the gospel ministry. He preached his first sermon on February 8, 1990 entitled “It’s time to Return to God.” In 1992, Jeremiah enrolled in the C.H. Mason Bible College and on October 8, 1996 he was ordained as an Elder in the Church of God in Christ by Bishop T. T. Scott of the Northern Mississippi Jurisdiction.

Jeremiah received his formal education from Amanda Elzy High School and furthered his education by attending Mississippi Valley State University and graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology and a minor in Social Science Education. After graduation, Jeremiah became an educator and was bestowed the honor of working at Saints Academy & College in Lexington, Mississippi. After the national church decided to close the school Jeremiah decided to relocate to Memphis, Tennessee where he taught in the Memphis City Schools. Upon moving to Tennessee, Jeremiah enrolled in graduate school at Middle Tennessee State University where he earned a Master of Arts degree in Special Education with a concentration in Visual Disabilities. In March 1999, Jeremiah united with Powerhouse COGIC under the leadership of Pastor Robert J. Peggs in the Tennessee 5 Jurisdiction led by Bishop Samuel L. Lowe. In 2000, Jeremiah was appointed by Pastor Peggs to serve as his Administrative Assistant (assistant pastor). Within the same year, Jeremiah was asked to serve as the District Evangelist for the R. C. McNeal Memorial District under the leadership of Superintendent Samuel McNeal. In 2001 Jeremiah was appointed by Superintendent McNeal as the Chairman of the Auxiliaries in Ministry (AIM) Conference. Jeremiah was dedicated to the work of the Lord!

Jeremiah’s career paths lead him to Madison, Wisconsin in 2004. He accepted a position with the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction as the Education Consultant for Vision Programs. In 2006, Jeremiah enrolled in the University of Wisconsin-Madison and earned a second Masters Degree in Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis. Jeremiah completed his PhD at UW-Madison in Educational Leadership in 2013.

After visiting several COGIC churches, only one piqued his interest; it was the Holy Redeemer Institutional COGIC pastored by Bishop Sedgewick Daniels. After worshipping at Holy Reedemer and proving himself as a committed and loyal servant of God, Jeremiah was appointed by Bishop Daniels to serve as the pastor for the Pentecostal Tabernacle COGIC in Beloit, Wisconsin in 2008.

It is important to Jeremiah that the people of God be taught the word of God explicitly and with the anointing of the Holy Spirit. He realizes the importance of having a spiritual family as well as building a personal relationship with God as an individual. As a man of God who has experienced the mighty hand of God and the miraculous healing power of God, he also empathetically helps others who are hurting and who are in need of spiritual guidance. Jeremiah has set priorities and creates balance between family life, school, church and work. Jeremiah, his wife Latoya, daughters Sydney and Katie, and son Jordan enjoy each other’s company and always make time for their lovely family of five. Jeremiah has a strong belief that with his experience and guidance from God, he can effectively and successfully revitalize the ministry in Beloit and spread the Word of God to affect change in Beloit and surrounding communities. Since his tenure at PT, a new edifice and parsonage have been purchased within two years of his appointment as pastor. The ministry has grown from 12 members to approximately 100 members. In January 2012, Pastor Holiday was appointed by Bishop Daniels to serve as the President of the Department of Global Missions for the Wisconsin First Jurisdiction.